An original point of view



I am a licensed tourist guide, who can lead the trip in any part of the World.  Usually, the journey is mixed with additional events, that can be planned occasionally. Apart from standard trip schedules, including both sightseeing and a good rest, I plan some extraordinary things, i.e. stargazing, atmospheric phenomena observations or celestial events.
I have huge experience with organizing the journeys to different countries i.e Malaysia, Indonesia USA, Australia, Philippines. I used to lead tourist groups to a few European countries. Currently, I am traveling across the United Kingdom.


If you would like to have an answer: How to discover something in the Universe without leaving home? How many times will you wake up throughout your life? Or What exactly the flightseeing is? And many others, you can get during my popular-science meetings. My current area of exploration is wide and includes not traveling and astronomy only, but also a GIS implementation to any kind of field.

Solar eclipse study, Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge


If you wish to see something rare and extraordinary on the sky, about which you even didn’t realize before, then you found a perfect person. I will embark you to a fascinating journey on the sky and show you unique phenomena taking place both in the nearest universe and Earth’s atmosphere. I will get you infected with exceptional onlook on heaven as well as the surrounding scene.

Mariusz Krukar