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I have a few projects, in which I am involved in at this moment. Moreover I think about another ones, to run them in the future. If you are interested in the projects, which has been already finished, drop down the “Projects” menu above.
I prepared a short description and link for each of them:

  1.  Geotourism in the Wojaszówka municipality – is a continuation of my final disertation. I started to gather information about the death nature in my home munticipality to create the geotourism inventory and make a touristic and educational trails. Learn more…

    Piaskowiec cienkoławicowy, Herby

    A sandstone in the “Herby” national reserve.

  2. Twilights – is currently the biggest project, which I am committed to, because it covers two major fields. One side refers to a wide atmospheric phenomena as the twilight is. Another part is aimed on influence the twilight duration on the variability of the electricity consumption around the world. The most typical parts of this challenge are going to be: twilight almanac, electricity consumption during the twilight and what is the weather (cloudiness) impact on the light level during the twilight. Learn more…
    Twilight above Cambridge in June

    Twilight above Cambridge on June 30, 2018.

    You can also click the “Twilight” tag in order to read both single works and closely related topics

  3. Solar and lunar eclipses – the most difficult projects because of the expenses and time. Preparing the data requires travelling around the world and seeking for a good weather, which is sometimes not easy. To fill up some lacks of the visual data I gather supporting materials both from my colleagues and streaming platforms. Nevertheless the basic goal is to get the most stuff on site. The projects has no practical application, because of the subject. I would like to get the most observation and references data to get people closer into these formidable phenomenas. Learn more…
    Total solar eclipse 2017 in Wyoming

    Total solar eclipse 2017 in Wyoming.

    You can also select the tag “Solar eclipses” or go to the “Astronomy” category to see the progress of this project.

  4. Day and night on Mars – is related to twilights, where problem is considered in Earth’s conditions. In Martian actuality this issue looks different because of the rotation period and seasonal variations. Also a irradiation level plays a key role here, so it must definitely impact on the twilight length equally with the Martian atmosphere. Learn more…

    Martian sunset taken by In Sight

    Martian sunset on April 25, 2019 on Sol 145 by In Sight probe (

The projects listed above are not only one things, which I am focused at. I have a lot of ideas in touism, that could have been implemented in the nearest future. Some of them nas been mentioned here, so you can learn more, when visit the “Tourism” category.
Besides the tourism I considered one tool, that can be developed for more fields at once. This is a Virtual Regional Knowledge Database. Learn more…
Moreover there are not only one projects. I will run another ones in the future when they are finished.

My work is not playing with these all projects only. I also deal with new GIS implementations, that can streamline the job processes in any line of work. Please visit the “GIS” category to learn more about some of them.

Mariusz Krukar