An original point of view

Gregorian calendar 1601-4000

The Gregorian Calendar is currently the most widely useful civil calendar. It is named after pope Gregory XIII, who introduced the calendar in 1582.

I prepared a few of long term calendars on the 1601-4000 period. I shown the way to compute the days and weeks also. All of my long term calendars includes easter dates. In order to use a ready prepared Easter dates I referred to The GM arts website, where Easter up to 4000 year is provided.


50 years calendar 2016-2065 UK & Republic of Ireland

50 years gregorian calendar 2016-65 UK and Ireland

50 years long-term calendar 2016-65 for UK and Republic of Ireland. Click to enlarge.

100 years calendar 2016-2115

100 years Gregorian Calendar 2016-2115

100 years long-term calendar 2016-2115. Click to enlarge.

400 years historical calendar 1601-2000

1601-2000 historical Gregorian calendar

Historical Gregorian Calendar for period 1601-2000. Click to enlarge.

400 years calendar 2001-2400

400 years Gregorian Calendar 2001-2400

400 years long term Gregorian Calendar for period 2001-2400. Click to enlarge.

The Third Millenium calendar 2001-3000

Gregorian Calendar for period 2001-3000

Third Millenium long term calendar for period 2001-3000. Click to enlarge.

2000 years calendar 2001-4000

Gregorian Calendar for period 2001-4000

2000 years long-term Gregorian calendar for period 2001-4000. Click to enlarge.


Apart from long term calendars I prepared a few useful tools, related to the Gregorian calendar mechanism, which you can visit in the links below:

1. The Easter Date 2001-2100 diagram – which help you you to find any holiday related to Easter date. Simultanuously you can check your interesting date with respect to Easter period.

Easter dates 2001-2100

Easter dates for period 2001-2100. Click to enlarge.

2. The days of the week finder – gives you opportunity to find:
– the day of the week for some interesting historical occurance, e.g. Constitution of May 3, 1791 (Tuesday),
– which day of the week have you born,
– find the day of the week for some interesting event in the future, e.g. Halley’s Comet perihelion in July 28, 2061 (Thursday).

Gregorian Calendar searching dates

Searching dates in Gregorian Calendar for an example period 1601 – 2400. Click to enlrge.

3. The Gregorian calendar calculator – shown in three major components:
– one year
– 100-200 years (period of all leap years i.e 1901-2100)
– full gregorian calendar cycle calculator

The Gregorian Calendar calculator

The Gregorian Calendar calculator for 400 years period. Click to enlarge.

A bit of information about Gregorian Calendar I also wrote here.