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Xiaomi Mi 8 128GB (Global version) photo facilities, part 5 – photo & image retouch and summary

This part of such a long article about photography and movies facilities in Xiaomi Mi 8 6GB 128GB (Global version) is the last one. This is the time to summarize all stuff, which has been raised for last month. I used to show you gradually all imaging functions one by one from the most typical modes and their settings, through zoom, macro and night photography into video facilities.
Now I would like to write for you something about retouch the images, which you have been arleady done for sure.

If you have taken a picture, then you have got a few options for further processing, as per screen below (Pic. 1, 2).

Pic. 1, 2 Major image processing options available in Xiaomi Mi 8 smartphone.

Let’s focus on the “Edit” options, which offer a wide spectrum of image processing possibilities (Pic. 3).

87. Xiaomi retouch options

Pic. 3 Image processing options in Xiaomi Mi 8 smartphone.

The Beautify option offers a few basic filters, which can emphasize some tints in order to make your picture more beautiful (Pic. 4).

Pic. 4 A few “Beautify” filters available in Xiaomi Mi 8 smartphone.

Don’t worry, there are not the only filters available in Xiaomi Mi 8. Jump below to get some details about it.

Next major option, which you can use as an adjustment is the “Crop” option. You can there make some technical adjustments of your picture as a setting of its size, rotate it, etc. (Pic. 5, 6).

93. Xiaomi rotate

Pic. 5, 6 The picture rotate and size options in Xiaomi Mi 8 smartphone.

Now return to the “Beautify” options, where I have shown a few filters only. Again, there are no the only filters available for image retouch, because the Xiaomi Mi 8 features another one – the “Filters“, containing a few sets of filters, which you can adjust in many situations. The first group is a landscape (Pic. 7).

88. Xiaomi beautify

Pic. 7 The “Landscape” filters in Xiaomi Mi 8 smartphone.

Switching between each filter you can see how your picture is going to change, when use it (Pic. 8).

89. Xiaomi filters

Pic. 8 An examples of “Landscape” filters in Xiaomi Mi 8 smartphone: 1 – None, 2 – City, 3 – LOMO, 4 – Sun.

In all sets of filter you will be able to adjust a percentage of the filter impact to the image (Pic. 9).

90. Xiaomi filters_adjustment

Pic. 9 All retouch filters in Xiaomi Mi 8 spartphone are adjustable in percentage scale.

Let’s go to the next set of filters, which is a Portrait. It includes a dozen or so another filters, suitable for portrait sessions, selfies, etc. (Pic. 10).

91. Xiaomi filters_portrait

Pic. 10 The Portrait filters in Xiaomi Mi 8 smartphone.

In case of another 2 sets of filters (Food and Film) it looks pretty much the same (Pic. 11, 12).

91. Xiaomi filters_food

Pic. 11 The Food filters in Xiaomi Mi 8 smartphone.

93. Xiaomi filters_film

Pic. 12 The Film filters in Xiaomi Mi 8 smartphone.

The Xiaomi Mi 8 6GB 128GB (Global Version) features a multitude of stickers, placed in a few groups (Pic. 13 – 19).

94. Xiaomi cutie stickers

95. Xiaomi word stickers

96. Xiaomi comics stickers

97. Xiaomi boom stickers

98. Xiaomimy life stickers

99. Xiaomimy funny girl stickers

106. Xiaomimy spring stickers

107. Xiaomimy summer stickers

Pic. 13-20 The set of stickers available in Xiaomi Mi 8 smartphone: 13 – Cutie, 14 – Words, 15 – Comics, 16 – Boom, 17 – My Life, 18 – funny Girl, 19 – Spring, 20 – Summer.

In the “Doodle” mode you can make some drawings on your pictures (Pic. 21) with any modifications, i.e. rotating, resizing provided (Pic. 22).

100. Xiaomi Mi 8 Doodle

101. Xiaomi Mi 8 Doodle2

Pic. 21, 22 The Doodle mode in Xiaomi Mi 8 smartphone allows you to make a simple drawings (20) and their i.e. rotations (21).

Next to the drawing option, the device offers also a “Text” feature (Pic. 23).

102. Xiaomi Mi 8 Doodle3 text

Pic. 23 The Text feature in Xiaomi Mi 8 smartphone.

The aforementioned image retouch options, like Stickers, Doodle and Text are nowadays nothing unusual, being available in many smartphones, however I think, that Xiaomi Mi 8 shall have a bit more, than other, older devides.
The “Adjust” option can be useful for someone, who is not sure enough about the brightness, contrast or saturation of the picture. Xiaomi Mi 8 has also a Sharpen and Vignette options (Pic. 24).

103. Xiaomi Mi 8 Brightness etc

Pic. 24 The Adjust options in Xiaomi Mi 8 smartphone.

Quite interesting is a Mosaic option, which Xiaomi Mi 8 offers for its users. There is a few patterns (Pic. 25), which you can put into your image area, wherever you want (Pic. 26).

104. Xiaomi Mi 8 Mosaic

Pic. 25 The Mosaic patterns available in Xiaomi Mi 8 smartphone.

105. Xiaomi Mi 8 Mosaic2

Pic. 26 The Mosaic options in action. It looks interesting, doesn’t it?

Last option for image processing is the “Erase” option, being probably the most interesting option from all provided.

108. Xiaomimy erase option

Pic. 27 The “Erase” option in Xiaomi Mi 8 smartphone.

All changes are to be withdrawn in all modes, when you click the “Original” button, located in the top right corner (Pic. 4).
To summarize all image retouch let’s see a few photo examples below:

109. Mod picture

Pic. 28 Mill ROad seen from Hemingford Road, Cambridge, UK.

110. Mod picture2

111. Mod picture3

Pic. 29, 30 Hemingford Road, Cambridge, UK.

Great! I have shown you all image processing & retouch facilities offered by Xiaomi Mi 8 6GB 128GB (Global version). Now I would like to summarize all photo & video facilities, that customer can enjoy using this device. In general the pictures are really nice, what you could see in 1st part of the article.

112. Wimpole hall

Pic. 31 The Wimpole Hall area, UK.

113. Entrance

Pic. 32 Glisson Road, Cambridge, UK.

114. Corrie Road

Pic. 33 COrrie Road, Cambridge, UK.

See below also the images, which you will able to take, when read a 2nd part of this article:

115. Moss

Pic. 34 A Peat Moss.

116. Rose

Pic. 35 A white rose.

117. colleridge

Pic. 36 A 5x zoom example, Colleridge Recreation Ground, cambridge, UK.

In the 3rd part of this article I have shown a night pictures done by Xioami Mi 8 smartphone. You can use this device in stargazing purpose too.

72 Night3

Pic. 37 Night at Corrie Road, Cambridge, UK.

118. night

Pic. 38 Residential area near Coledirge Road during the night.

79 Astrophoto1 Taurus

Pic. 39 Xiaomi Mi 8 smartphone is perfect for stargazing. Taurus constellation with Aldebaran and Pleades.

Previous part of the article has been designated for video facilities, which are also wide in this device. You can make a various timelapses and slow motion movies.

I believe, that every user of this smartphone will be happy with photo and video facilities, which has been offered in this device.

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