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2018 total lunar eclipse live

Astronomy, Innovations

Remote observation of the total lunar eclipse

Limestone and chalky cliff in Hunstanton

Geotourism, Panoramas, Travel

Hunstanton – perfect destination for summer city-break

Light diffraction on cumulus humilis cloud


Light scattering in the Earth’s atmosphere part 1 – scattering and related phenomenas

Flight from Paris to Dubai

Tourism, Travel

Plan your flightseeing

Ryanair flight route Google Earth from Zadar to London

GIS, Tourism, Transport

How to show your flight route in Google Earth?

Northumberland telescope at the Institute of Astronomy in University of Cambridge

Archival, Astronomy

Watching the sky with Cambridge Astronomy Association

Mickleton to Stratfort-upon-Avon dehazed view

Panoramas, Photography

The quickest way to dehaze your photo for long distance observation purposes

Google Maps MGRS grids Budapest

Cartography, Geodesy, GIS

How to show the coordinate grids in Google Earth and Google Maps?

Walkie Talkie Sky Garden observation deck

Panoramas, Travel

Incredible view of the London Skyline from the Sky Garden.

Sigma 17-70mm f2.8-4.5 DC Macro

Night Photography, Photography

Sigma 17-70mm f2.8-4.5 DC Macro one of the best kit lenses for Nikon

Stephen Hawking's funeral coffin to Great St Mary's Church in Cambridge


Stephen Hawking funeral – photo relation

Cambridge Leasure Park in winter conditions

Climate, Weather

“Beast from the east” a nightmare for British people

Dublin sightseeing route Maps Me app


How to plan your weekend trip quickly?

Mount Everest Emirates Dubai Manila flight

Panoramas, Photography

Long lens photography from the plane – how it works? tsunami vulnerability visualization Panglao island

GIS, Hydrology, Tourism

Checking the tsunami vulnerability in your holiday destination 2018 lunar eclipse moonrise above Scotland

Astrophotography, Panoramas

Astrophotography with the, part 2 – solar & lunar eclipses Pico del Teide to be seen from la Montana de Femes at Lanzarotte

Astrophotography, Panoramas

Astrophotography with the, part 1 – Sun & Moon

Sigma 24-70mm mounted on Nikon D5300 body

Night Photography, Photography

Brief look on Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 EX DG Macro lens

London New Year seen from Primrose Hill viewpoint

Bez kategorii, Night Photography

Happy New Year 2018 for everyone! multisummit panorama view in Google Earth

GIS, Panoramas

Using to generate a multiple summit-perspective views in Google Earth – part 2

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