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2017 total solar eclipse in Wyoming

Astronomy, Astrophotography, Weather

Top 21 things to see during solar eclipse

Plishka Bieszczady panorama

Geotourism, Travel

One day trip to Uzhanian National Park from Wołosate

Solar corona seen at 96% obscuration after totality.

Astronomy, Astrophotography, Optics

Top 10 intriguing things to see during solar eclipse

Hyperlink in placemark description in Google Earth


Link management in Google MyMaps and KML files

2017 great american eclipse solar prominence near the end

Astronomy, Astrophotography

The movement of prominences against the lunar disk during total solar eclipse

Sun with limb darkening seen through a thin fog Nikkor 55-300mm

Astronomy, Astrophotography, Weather

Photography of the Sun through a natural filters

Total solar eclipse 1999 Lunar shadow seen from Mir

Astronomy, Optics

How the lunar shadow looks like during the solar eclipse?

Solar corona visibility outside the total solar eclipse

Astronomy, Astrophotography

Solar corona visibility before & after totality

Address list from MS Excel to Google MyMaps


Input a multiple address list to Google Maps and Google Earth – the quickest way

Total lunar eclipse 2019 Suffolk UK

Archival, Astrophotography

A short adventure with lunar eclipse

2017 Great American Eclipse fish eye view and sky surface brightness measurement directions

Astronomy, Optics

Sky brightness changes during total solar eclipse

Total solar eclipse 2017 Riverton Wyoming, clear skies

Astronomy, Optics

Light level measurements during total solar eclipse

Owl Creek Mountains seen from Wind River Basin

Astronomy, Optics, Panoramas

Visual range changes during solar eclipses

New Year celebration in London beautiful fireworks

Bez kategorii

Happy New Year 2019 for everyone!

Flood at Mallorca seen from EasyJet

Climate, Weather

Should Mediterranean people be prepared for a tropical cyclone?

Total solar eclipse in Riverton

Astronomy, Optics

Light scattering in the atmosphere during total solar eclipse

Bryce Canyon National Park long distance view

Panoramas, Weather

Horizontal visibility as a main factor of long-distance observations, part 2 – contrast, human perception and weather forecast

Navajo Mountain seen from Bryce Canyon National Park

Panoramas, Weather

Horizontal visibility as a main factor of long-distance observations, part 1 – weather, astronomical and optical elements

Starburst effect red light and white light

Optics, Photography

What is a light transition? What examples of it can we see?

Xiaomi Mi 8 global version image retouch


Xiaomi Mi 8 128GB (Global version) photo facilities, part 5 – photo & image retouch and summary

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