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Nikon D5300 – summary

Here, in this short article I would like to summarize my whole test, which I have been doing step by step for the last year. I bought my new DSLR camera D5300 over 12 months ago. As you may have noticed from time to time I used to share with you the facilities of this perfect digital single lens reflex camera which is the Nikon D5300. Maybe you will think, that I have “perfect timing” starting describe the machinery for nearly 1 year, which has been relased approximately 4 years ago. Of course! I wish I could do it quicker, although in my opinion the DSLR cameras are not getting old so quickly, so I believe, that this test will be useful for gros people in the near future.

Let’s start then. I won’t elaborate so much, just remind you about the highlihgts of the Nikon D5300, which I took into account during my adventure with this camera. Aside for the general information and a brief introduction mixed with my private feelings about this camera I have focused on:

  1. JPG image retouch – where I put all options of modify your image within the D5300 software.
  2. RAW image processing – telling you briefly how can you refine your imges through the RAW editions made by your D5300 inner software.
  3. HDR and photo quality – which should be your walking through the kind of photos, resolution, chromatic aberration, etc and also, what is the most important how to make your photo without any “too bright and too dark” elements.
  4. Night photography – showing you the best examples of photos taken during the dark conditions to that of the maximal useful ISO sensitivity keeping photo clear without dead pixels.

The elements listed above refers to the D5300 body features. Everybody knows, that DSLR body only won’t be much useful, thus we should have a proper lens for it. I described the Nikkor 18-55mm kit lens, which is typically bundled with the D5300 DSLR camera.
You may read also about the Nikkor 55-300mm, which has been relased as an extension to the Nikkor 18-55mm.
I would like to post you some example photos made by Nikon D5300, this is simply amazing!


Pic. 1 The Lake District National Park, 18mm

magnifying glass10

Pic. 2 Moth Euplagia Quadripunctar (Jersey Tiger), 55mm.


Pic. 3 The Norfolk Wind Farm, 300 mm.


Pic. 4 The Beacon Hill, seen from Aylesbury, 300mm.


Pic. 5 The Krosno’s floodlit landfill seen from Odrzykoń, 55mm, 15sec, ISO 3200, f. 5.6.


Pic. 6 The Krosno – Turaszówka oil fields, 18mm, 15sec, ISO 3200, f. 3.4


Pic. 7 The Lake Buttermere, Lake District National Park, 18mm.


Pic. 8 The Aylesbury Telephone Exchange.


Pic. 9 The sketch photo made by Nikon D5300.


Pic. 10. Nice spring in Cambridge, 55mm.

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