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Happy New Year 2019 for everyone!

New Year celebration in London beautiful fireworks

New year celebration in London - fireworks at London Eye seennear the Lambeth Bridge


A next year is coming. So it’s a good time for celebration. Traditionally I would like to show you how I celebrated a last New Year. Maybe you will follow my ideas, at least when you are planning to be in London.
Before I went to London I got an idea to see the New Year celebration around the world. I started to seeking some decent webcams with live stream. One of the first country where a New Year is celebrated is a New Zealand. When I found a nice webcam at Auckland I spot only a grey plume above the downtown panorama. I was too late then (Pic.1)

Auckland just after New Year celebration
Pic. 1 Auckland just after a 2018 New Year celebration (

Fortunately I was on time to see a New Year celebration in Sydney. However I can admit, that it was quite hard to chase a good streamline due to server overloading. Finally I was successful this time. The fireworks spectacle in Sydney at Harbour Bridge is awesome! I am recommending everyone to look and admire this amazing view (Pic. 2 – 5).

Sydney New Year celebration
Sydney New Year celebration Harbour Bridge
Sydney New Year celebration SydNYE

Pic. 2-5 A 2018 New Year celebration at Harbour Bridge in Sydney (

We set to London about 6.30 pm from Cambridge. It was still a few hours to take a long walk from the King’s Cross rail station to the nearest possibe observation venue with a good view. Walking down the Greater London streets was also a good pleasure, watching a multitude of beautiful Christmas decoration (Pic. 6).

London New Years Eve Piccadilly Street

Pic.6 Picadilly Street with Christmas decoration.

There were crouds of people heading to see a New Year celebration. Unfortunately usually the closest zone alongside the Thames river is closed for casual people and if you would like to be close to the event you must pay an admitting, which doesn’t belong to the cheapest ones. Under this link you can find all zone closures at the New Year’s eve day.

London fireworks the best observation venue for free

Pic. 7 Our fireworks observation venue near the Lambeth Bridge.

We were heading to Westminster, where I found possibly a good spot to see the London Eye quite clearly and closely. It was near the Lambeth Bridge (Pic. 7).
Unfortunately a lot of people though the same like we and placed in the area between Millbank and Lambeth Bridge, at the narrow garden square. Every single concrete objects as well as wall separating the garden square from the river were arleady occupied when we came. The amount of people was awful. Enter to the Lambeth Bridge, which offers better view on the London Eye was literally mission impossible. Fortunately I am quite tall, so I was able to see the New Year quite clearly. Regrettably my wife, couldn’t see this whole event, especially when the fireworks spectacle began and most of watchers put their hands up with devices as high as possible in order to record the event. At this time even I encountered some problems with getting a clear view of the fireworks.

London New Year celebration
London New Year celebration seen near Lambeth Bridge
London Eye New Year celebration
London Eye New Year celebration and Lambeth Bridge
London Eye New Year celebration and Lambeth Bridge2

Pic. 8 – 12 New 2018 Year celebration at the London Eye as seen from a pavement behind the Lambeth Bridge.

The place near the Lambeth Bridge appeared to be the best viewing site north bank, at least from western direction. We were enjoying the event a lot. The celebration was far better visible, than from Primrose Hill, from where we were watching the New Year celebration 3 years earlier. 

It was definitely worth to reach this place rather than looking on the firework glow somewhere from the outskirts, especially because the biggest fireworks are usually at London Eye.

Comparing the English New Year celebration i.e. to Polish, there is not many places, where you can see the big celebration such in Greater London. Usually people doesn’t celebrate the New Year day this way. When in Poland you can spot a multitude of single fireworks at each direction. In Britain these fireworks are really confined to some city centres. Better time to see the fireworks in Britain is definitely a Bonfire Night, which has been described in this article

London New Year fireworks seen for free
London New Year fireworks seen for free near Lambeth Bridge
London New Year celebration fireworks
London Eye fireworks for New Year celebration
London Eye New Year celebration fireworks and Lambeth Bridge

Pic. 13 – 17 New 2018 Year celebration at the London Eye as seen from the pavement behind the Lambeth Bridge.

A whole spectacle lasted a bit more than half an hour. The best moments you can see in the footage below. After this people started to spread out towards the nearest tube station available. Because most of them were closed for the time of New Year’s Eve night, we had to walk about 2 km to Euston station. Finally we reached the King’s Cross station around 1.30 am and back home about 1h30m later.

When I woke up I checked The Shard webcam, where I could see a 2018 New Year celebration from the top (Pic. 19, 20).


Londo New Year celebration seen from top of The Shard webcam

London Eye New Year celebration seen from top of The Shard webcam

Pic. 19, 20. A 2018 New Year celebration as seen from The Shard (

Mariusz Krukar


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