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Magellan clouds and light pollution from Albany, Western Australia

Astronomy, Astrophotography, Optics

How bright the starlight is?

2017 total solar eclipse in Wyoming

Astronomy, Astrophotography, Weather

Top 21 things to see during solar eclipse

Solar corona seen at 96% obscuration after totality.

Astronomy, Astrophotography, Optics

Top 10 intriguing things to see during solar eclipse

2017 great american eclipse solar prominence near the end

Astronomy, Astrophotography

The movement of prominences against the lunar disk during total solar eclipse

Sun with limb darkening seen through a thin fog Nikkor 55-300mm

Astronomy, Astrophotography, Weather

Photography of the Sun through a natural filters

Solar corona visibility outside the total solar eclipse

Astronomy, Astrophotography

Solar corona visibility before & after totality

Total lunar eclipse 2019 Suffolk UK

Archival, Astrophotography

A short adventure with lunar eclipse

Xiaomi Mi 8 global - night photography

Astrophotography, Night Photography

Xiaomi Mi 8 128GB (Global version) photo facilities, part 3 – night photography and astrophotography

2017 total solar eclipse in Wyoming

Archival, Astrophotography, Astrotourism

First time in the shadow!

Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 Art mounted on Nikon camera

Astrophotography, Night Photography, Photography

Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 Art – a perfect choice for photographers 2018 lunar eclipse moonrise above Scotland

Astrophotography, Panoramas

Astrophotography with the, part 2 – solar & lunar eclipses Pico del Teide to be seen from la Montana de Femes at Lanzarotte

Astrophotography, Panoramas

Astrophotography with the, part 1 – Sun & Moon

Teide Observatory, VTT Telescope

Astrophotography, Astrotourism, Travel

Tenerife and night sky

ISS and Atlantis shuttle a front of the Sun

Astronomy, Astrophotography

ISS transit across the Sun & Moon

Polish Society of Amateur Astronomers (PTMA) logo

Archival, Astronomy, Astrophotography

Watching the sky with Krosno branch of Polish Society of Amateur Astronomers (PTMA)

Panorama Valley Opportunity rover

Astronomy, Astrophotography

What is the colour of Martian sky?

VT 2012 after sunrise, Poland

Archival, Astronomy, Astrophotography

Transit of Venus – have you seen this celestial event?

Solar eclipe 2015, Achnahaird Scotland crescent sun 0.9 phase

Astronomy, Astrophotography, Astrotourism

Deep partial solar eclipse in Scotland

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